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Statewide Analysis

The Indiana General Assembly enacted Senate Enrolled Act 412 in May 2015, which amended Indiana Code ยง 8-1-8.5-3 concerning a statewide analysis of long-range needs for expansion of facilities for generation of electricity.

The law requires the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission) to prepare a statewide analysis that includes (1) the probable future growth of the use of electricity; (2) the probable needed generating reserves; (3) in the judgment of the Commission, the optimal extent, size, mix, and general location of generating plants; (4) in the judgment of the Commission, the optimal arrangements for statewide or regional pooling of power and arrangements with other utilities and energy suppliers to achieve maximum efficiencies for the benefit of the people of Indiana; and (5) the comparative costs of meeting future growth by other means of providing reliable, efficient, and economic electric service, including purchase of power, joint ownership of facilities, refurbishment of existing facilities, conservation (including energy efficiency), load management, distributed generation, and cogeneration.

Final Report

  • Final Statewide Analysis can be found here: PDF

Draft Report


Pursuant to GAO 2018-2, Commission staff is seeking comments from any interested stakeholders on the Statewide Analysis.  If possible, and if applicable to your comments, please include red-lined edits to the Word version of the draft Statewide Analysis.

Please provide written comments by August 17, 2018. Written comments may be submitted via email to or by mail to:

General Counsel Beth Heline

Re: Statewide Analysis

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

101 West Washington Street, Ste. 1500 E.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Comments Received

  • Comments from Individuals | PDF
  • Comments from Joint Stakeholders - Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana (CAC), Alliance Coal, LLC, Sunrise Coal, LLC, Indiana Coal Council, Inc., Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter, Valley Watch, Inc., Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance, Indiana State Conference of the NAACP, Indy Green Congregations | PDF
  • Comments from Joint Stakeholders - Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana (CAC), Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance, Indiana State Conference of the NAACP, Indy Green Congregations, Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter, Valley Watch | PDF
  • Indiana - Indianapolis | PDF
  • Alliance Coal | PDF
  • Hoosier Energy | PDF
  • Indiana Coal Council | PDF
  • Indiana Energy Association | PDF
  • Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers (INDIEC) | PDF
  • Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) | PDF
  • Indiana State Conference of the NAACP | PDF
  • Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter | PDF

Public Hearing

Comments may also be provided at the Commission’s public hearing regarding the Statewide Analysis.  This public hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, August 10, 2018, in Room 222 of the PNC Center, 101 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Click here to view the livestream.