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Can't find what you are looking for?

We're here to help. The IURC has a variety of documents, reports, and filings available through its website. For your convenience, we've provided instructions below on how to access the most requested documents. For those documents that aren't posted, please contact the appropriate division listed below.

Available Online

Orders, Procedural Schedules, Testimony, and Petitions

To access documents within a docketed case, please visit our online Electronic Document System. Once here, you can enter the case's five-digit docket number. If you do not have this information, the system allows you to search by date, industry, petition type, or party. For more detailed instructions, please click here.

Weekly Action Items (Hearings, Agendas, Articles, Orders, and Filings)

Each week, the IURC posts the upcoming Conference agenda and weekly hearings schedule. Additionally, it catalogs filings and decisions made by the IURC. To access these documents, please click here.

30-Day Administrative Filings (Utility Articles)

To view pending 30-day administrative filings, please select from one of the following industries:

Communications Services | Electricity | Natural Gas | Water and Wastewater

Available by Request

Guidelines for Tendering Exhibits at Hearings, Appeals of IURC Orders, and Requests for Transcripts | click here

Annual Reports, Non-Docketed Cases, and Utility Tariffs

Please contact the division directly:

Communications Services Division: 317-232-2785 | Email

Energy Division (Electricity and Natural Gas): 317-232-2785 | Email

Water and Wastewater Division: 317-232-2785 | Email