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Find a Docketed Case

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission's Online Services Portal allows users to browse past and present docketed case files. Each case file includes the procedural schedule (if applicable), testimony submitted by the parties, and decisions reached by the Commission.

So that docketed cases can be tracked, they are assigned a five-digit case or cause number. In some cases, a subdocket may also be opened. Subdockets allow the Commission to review related matters separately. To access the Online Services Portal, please click the link below.

Online Services Portal

How to Search for a Case

To search for a case of interest, visit our Online Services Portal. Once the page is open, if you have the five-digit docket number, you may enter it into the Cause Number field. At this point, no additional information is necessary; simply click Search. In some instances, multiple cases may appear with the same docket number. These are subdockets.

If you do not know the case's five-digit docket number, there are ways to search for it. For example, you can select an industry, a petition type, or the case's status. You also can enter the name of the utility or dates related to the petition, order, or hearings. When you have finished entering the criteria, click Search.


If you have any questions about using the Online Services Portal, please contact a Systems Support Specialist at