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Court Reporting Information

    This applies to documents tendered to the record during a hearing. This does not apply to prefiled testimony.
    • Clean copies
    • Single-sided
    • Stapled, or if the exhibit is too thick to staple, it is preferred that it be bound in a binder. Please avoid using paper clips, rubber bands, or binder clips.
    • All confidential exhibits MUST be on green paper
    • Exhibits will be officially marked by the Reporter sequentially with numbers. Attachments will not be marked separately by the Reporters.
    • Please provide, either by email or U.S. mail, a Court of Appeals’ “Filed” marked copy of the Notice of Appeal to Lynda Ruble on the SAME DAY it is filed at the Court of Appeals
    • If this notice is provided by email, please email both Lynda Ruble at and Amy Tokash at If notice is provided by U.S. mail, only one copy needs to be mailed to the attention of Lynda Ruble.
    • Transcript requests via email should be sent to BOTH Lynda Ruble and Amy Tokash at the email addresses listed above.
    • Transcript requests via telephone: If you do not talk to either Lynda Ruble (317-232-2731) or Amy Tokash (317-232-2732), a message should be left at both numbers.