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Communications Services Tariffs

Here you will find information about rates and charges for communications services providers operating in the state. Notice of required tariff filings, courtesy copies of tariffs, and other tariff resources can be found below.

Notice of Required Tariff Filings

Pursuant to 8-1-2.6-1.5(d), If the commission requires a provider to file a tariff for intrastate switched access service, special access service, or any other service, the filing of the tariff with the commission serves as the public notice of the filing of the tariff. The commission shall provide the public with notice of tariff filings through the commission's Internet web site or other electronic means.

  • To see the list of intrastate switched access service and special access service tariffs, please click here.
  • To see the list of Lifeline tariffs submitted after March 1, 2022, by Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs) pursuant to their designation orders, please click here.

Other Tariff Resources

Tariff IURC No. T-7: PDF
Links to Tariffs on Communications Providers’ Websites: List
8YY and other 7/1/21 Tariff Revisions: Staff Guidance - 2021

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If you have a question about information on this page or would like to request copies of a communications services tariff, please email the Communications Division or call 317-232-2785.