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Telecommunications and Information Services

The Communications Division assists the Commission in the implementation of certain universal service programs and provides recommendations on matters such as Certificates of Territorial Authority (CTAs) for communications service providers (CSPs) and franchises for video service providers (VSPs). In addition, the Communications Division monitors regulatory proceedings and policy initiatives at the federal level to determine the impact of those policies on Indiana utilities and customers and recommends whether comments should be filed in those proceedings to help ensure the state’s interests and rights are protected.

This page focuses solely on the Division’s telecommunications and information services authority. All CSPs must have a valid CTA to offer service in Indiana. Providers must receive authorization to offer any of the following services: advanced services, broadband service, information services, Internet Protocol-enabled services, telecommunications services, or video services.

Additionally, the Commission designates all eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) in the state, which enables the carriers to obtain support from the federal Universal Service Fund (USF). The Commission has no authority over the approval of the rates and charges for communications service providers, with the exception of intrastate access rates and the Indiana Universal Service Fund (IUSF) and Indiana Telephone Relay Access Corporation (InTRAC) retail customer surcharges. The Communications Division also has some telephone number administration responsibilities.

The Division also assists the Commission in monitoring the IUSF. The Commission established the IUSF in 2007 to ensure that communications networks are built and maintained in areas of the state that are not economical to serve due to challenging terrain or extremely low-density population. Learn more. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) letter regarding the Lifeline Program.

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