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Actions Related to COVID-19 Pandemic

Comments Regarding COVID-19 Investigation

In accordance with a docket entry issued on June 16, 2020, comments received by the Commission regarding its investigation into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ratepayers and utilities, Cause No. 45380, will be posted on the Commission’s website here and considered as part of the record in this case. Additional information about this case, including a procedural schedule and documents filed by parties in the case, can be found here.

JUNE 11, 2021 UPDATE: Commission staff will be returning to working in the office full time by July 6, 2021, and the office will be fully open to public access starting on that day.

All modifications to Commission processes that were changed during the COVID-19 pandemic are rescinded as of July 1, 2021. The Commission expects all timelines, exceptions, etc. to be back to normal processes and procedures beginning on July 1, 2021. A list of these rescinded modifications can be found below:


  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 20, 2020, hard copies were not required for electronically filed documents of 30 pages or more.
  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 20, 2020, the signature was not required to be notarized on the Communications Service Provider (“CSP”) Notice of Change affidavit, which is the only IURC document requiring notarization and which is required when a CSP is transferring its Certificate of Territorial Authority (“CTA”) to a CSP that does not currently have an Indiana CTA.
  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 27, 2020, the timelines included in 170 IAC 4-4.3-6 and 4-4.3-7 for Level 1 and Level 2 net metering interconnection applications were extended an additional 5 business days; and electronic documents and electronic signatures were allowed and encouraged to be used as much as possible. Utilities were expected to communicate with applicants regarding any timeline extensions.
  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 27, 2020, gas operators could take an additional 14 days to respond to excavation damages cases.
  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 27, 2020, required periodic meter testing and/or change outs under 170 IAC 4-1-10, 170 IAC 5-1-9, and 170 IAC 6-1-10 were stayed.
  • [RESCINDED EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021] Since March 27, 2020, any report to the Commission that is required to be signed, verified, and notarized could have been submitted to the Commission with just an electronic signature during the public health emergency.  Once the public health emergency is ended, a signed and notarized verification should be submitted to the Commission.

THE COMMISSION WILL CONTINUE TO HOST HEARINGS VIRTUALLY OR IN PERSON AS DETERMINED ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. Hearings and conferences may be held electronically. Access information will be posted on the Commission’s livestream page here, as well as in docket entries for respective cases. YouTube information will also be posted on the Commission’s livestream webpage for upcoming conferences. We may make periodic adjustments to how we’re operating, but we will continue to communicate any updates or changes.

Commission's Emergency Response Report to the Legislative Council

Per the request of the Legislative Council, a summary of actions taken during the public health emergency, as well as preparations that have been taken or will be taken by the Commission to address future emergencies, must be compiled into an Emergency Response Report. The report can be found here.