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UPP Account Research Findings and Reports


  • During April 2016, which is recognized as National Safe Digging Month, the IURC invested in both radio and internet advertising encouraging people to use Indiana's 811 services. Complete results for this outreach effort can be found below the executive summary.  
    • Project's executive summary:
The Safe Digging month week long campaign provided 1,902,900 impressions which exceeded our projected impressions of 1-1.25 million. The ads were geo-targeted to Indiana homeowners
35-64 who had a recent interest in home improvement or residential construction projects. 

Users were sent to the http://indiana811.org/811now url. The click-through-rate for the campaign was .23%, which well exceeded the industry standard for Public Safety of .08%.
  • The UPP Account funded a training provided by the Indiana Professional Land Surveyors Foundation in Indianapolis on March 18, 2016. Survey results of the training program are available below. 
  • Throughout January and Febuary 2016, the UPP Account funded five full-day training opportunities across Northern and Southern Indiana. These trainings included: the Indiana Dig Law, an excavator and operator's experiences with pipeline safety, a UPPAC update and a UPP Account update. Attendees were surveyed to determine their opinions about the usefulness and quality of the training program. Results can be seen at the link below. 
  • On Aug. 7, 2015 the IURC conducted a UPP Account workshop with excavators, locators, and pipeline operators. To help encourage participation and attendee involvement, LEAD Management Solutions was hired to facilitate the workshop. LEADS's report, as provided to the IURC, is available. 
  • The IURC surveyed the excavators, locators, and pipeline operators who attended the Aug. 7, 2015 workshop to determine whether the workshop attendees had derived value from the meeting. The results are available below.



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