Electricity Industry

The Commission, through its Energy Division, monitors and evaluates regulatory and policy initiatives affecting the electricity industry, as well as reviews and analyzes regulatory proceedings initiated by Indiana’s electricity utilities. These proceedings can be complex, sometimes taking 12-18 months to complete. These proceedings include, but are not limited to, rate changes (including quarterly fuel adjustment costs, environmental compliance cost reviews, and general rate changes), certificates of need for new power plants, demand side management (DSM) programs, service area matters, renewable energy and conservation initiatives, and integrated resource planning (IRP). The Energy Division also monitors and reviews U.S. EPA rulemakings. The Research, Policy, and Planning Division provides research and technical support to the Energy Division and the Commission, focusing on federal and state policy and legislation that may impact Indiana utilities and ratepayers. If you would like more information regarding the Research, Policy and Planning Division, or would like to access utilities’ IRPs, please click here.

Below you will find links to rate comparison data, utility tariffs, 30-day filings, lists of jurisdictional and withdrawn utilities, and administrative materials and forms for regulated utilities.

To contact the Energy Division with any questions or to request copies of electricity utility tariffs and annual reports submitted by regulated electricity utilities, please call 317-232-5559.

Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations

Jurisdictional and Withdrawn Utilities

Certain utilities may withdraw from some aspects of Commission regulation, such as rates, charges, and financing. The Commission retains authority over all Indiana electric utilities regarding service territories and new generation facilities.

Administrative Materials and Forms