Natural Gas


Recent legislative and policy changes at the federal and state level have had a significant impact on Commission operations. To coordinate natural gas and electric utility filings as well as regulatory and policy-related issues in a more efficient and effective manner, the Commission has restructured the Natural Gas and Electric Divisions by merging the two divisions into an Energy Division, which will be responsible for reviewing and analyzing all electric and natural gas filings. The Commission also has created a Research, Policy, and Planning Division that will provide research and technical support to the Energy Division and the Commission, focusing on federal and state policy and legislation that may impact Indiana utilities and ratepayers. In addition, the Research, Policy, and Planning Division will be responsible for ongoing research and technical support regarding the EPA’s Carbon Rule 111(d), Integrated Resource Planning, and all RTO matters.

Welcome to the IURC’s Natural Gas Division webpage. Here you will find rate comparison data, utility tariffs, 30-day filings, lists of jurisdictional and drawn utilities, industry reports, national issues affecting Indiana, as well as administrative materials and forms for regulated utilities.

The division monitors and evaluates regulatory and policy initiatives affecting the natural gas industry, as well as reviews and analyzes regulatory proceedings initiated by Indiana’s natural gas utilities. These proceedings can be complex, sometimes taking 12-18 months to process, and may include such issues as rate changes (including gas cost adjustment costs and general rate changes), financing, alternative regulatory plans, service area matters, conservation initiatives, as well as customer assistance programs.

Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations

Jurisdictional and Withdrawn Utilities

Industry Reports and National Issues

Administrative Materials and Forms

  • Annual Report Filing Process: Forms
  • Gas Cost Adjustment Orders: Template
  • Public Utility Fee Report: Form

Additional Resources

For additional information about the natural gas industry and utility regulation, please click here.