Communications Services Division

Welcome to the IURC’s Communications Services Division webpage.  Here you will find IURC data, utility tariffs, 30-day filings, pending applications of new providers seeking authority to offer service in Indiana, industry reports, as well as administrative materials and forms for communications service providers (CSP), video service providers (VSP), and eligible telecommunications carriers (ETC).

Our Communications Services Division monitors and evaluates regulatory proceedings and policy initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels that affect telephone, cable, and internet service providers in the state. Further, the division reviews and provides recommendations to the IURC on applications for certificates of territorial authority (CTA). Since P.L. 27-2006 took effect, the division also monitors the effects of competition and technological change on universal service and pricing for all telecommunications services under the jurisdiction of the Commission. That law also removed the IURC’s jurisdiction over the approval of rates and charges of communications services providers, with the exception of intra-state access rates. Therefore, rate comparison data is unavailable for this division.

Rates, Charges, Rules, and Regulations

Pending Cases and Applications

Industry Reports and National Issues

Administrative Materials and Forms

  • Local Governmental Units
    • Video Franchise Fee form | pdf
  • All Communications Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Instructions for VOIP Providers Seeking TNs in Indiana: pdf
  • Video Service Providers (VSPs)
  • Telecommunications Providers
    • Public Utility Fee Report: Form
    • Notice of Service Cessation and Relinquishment of Provider of Last Resort Obligations: Application
    • Public Interest Payphones: Application

Additional Resources

For additional information about the communications services industry and utility regulation, please click here.