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Services Provided by the Indiana State Police Laboratory Division


  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS)
  • DNA Analysis (STR & Y-STR)
  • Forensic Relationship Testing
  • Missing Persons/Unidentified Human Remains
  • Serology

Crime Scene Investigations

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Crime Scene Evidence Identification, Collection, and Preservation
  • Evidence Storage and Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Field Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • 3D Laser Scanning of Crime Scenes
  • Courtroom Testimony


  • Handwriting, Hand Printing, and Signature Comparisons
  • Indented Writing Impressions Development and Decipherment
  • Physical Match Examination of Paper
  • Ink and Writing Instrument Classification and Comparison
  • Detection and Decipherments of Altered, Erased, Obliterated, Charred, or Water-soaked Documents
  • Printing Process Identification to Determine Source or Authenticity
  • Photocopy and Facsimile Identification and Comparison
  • Typewriter and Typestyle Identification and Classification
  • Rubber Stamp Identification and Comparison
  • Determination of the Sequence of Events and Dating of a Document


  • Controlled Substances Analysis
  • Clandestine Laboratory Analysis


  • Characterizations Ammunition Components
  • Firearms Function Examinations
  • Gun Shot Residue – Muzzle to Target Distance Determination
  • Microscopic Comparisons
  • National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN)
  • Serial Number Restoration
  • Toolmark Examination

Latent Prints

  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  • Latent Print Comparisons
  • Latent Print Processing

Microanalysis (Trace)

  • Clandestine Laboratory Precursor and Reagents
  • Fibers
  • Footwear and Tire Impressions
  • Glass Comparisons
  • General Chemical and Physical Analysis
  • Glass Fracture
  • Ignitable Liquid Residues
  • Paint and Plastics
  • Paint Database Query (PDQ) Requests
  • Physical Edge Match
  • Tape


  • Administrative Polygraph
  • Criminal Polygraph
  • Pre-employment Polygraph for ISP