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Why should YOU try CrossFit

Camaraderie: It’s not just other members, it’s family!
Research shows that we are happier and more likely to stick with our fitness program if we’re part of a group.  We tend to push ourselves a little harder when we’re working out with friends.  Plus TIME FLIES!

Competition: Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?
Why do you think sports is a favorite pastime?  Everyone loves to see “us vs them”.  Our workouts are set up so participants will try to get the best time, the most number of rounds, or use the most weight.

No time: You can squeeze us in that packed schedule.
Our workouts are rarely, if ever, longer than 30 minutes.  Many are shorter.  Yet you get total body EVERY time and work just as hard as those hours you spend in your average gym.

Boredom: Different workout EVERY day!
Check out our WOD (Workout Of the Day) Blog page for daily workouts.  Too many times we get bored with our exercise routine and don’t know how to change it up, so we quit.  We can make sure things are always new and exciting.

Goals & Needs: 10 things and then some.
Strength, Cardio/Resp, Stamina, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy are 10 of the health needs we will improve for you.  If it’s weight loss we can do that too.  Whatever your health needs we can make it happen.

FunctionalityPrepare your body for everyday life.
Our exercises don’t just burn calories and build muscle but they train your body for everyday things in life.  Lifting, bending, stepping, climbing, carrying, etc.

Scalability: You, your loved ones, and their loved ones.
People all over the nation are using this program.  Kids and elderly, athletes and couch potatoes, vertically challenged and giants, men and women (even pregnant!).  We scale the WOD to meet your needs!

Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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