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Police Training

CrossFit is a physical fitness program is uniquely suited for the Law Enforcement professional.  Because CrossFit is universally scalable, Officers from across a wide spectrum of age, experience and assignment can benefit from the workouts.

It is CrossFit’s contention that Cops and Soldiers are professional athletes.  In fact, we argue that the physical preparedness required of the Law Enforcement Officer matches and regularly surpasses that required of Olympic athletes.  In light of this view, we find it disturbing that few police departments offer formal fitness instruction after academy graduation.

In many respects, the risks inherent in Police work are far more demanding and dangerous than any other professional sport.  For example, in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, an athlete will know in advance the day of their fight, who their opponent will be, the rules of the bout and the duration of the event. In addition, a referee is on hand to stop the fight if rules are violated, an athlete is injured or decides to stop.  The Officer, on the other hand, has no idea when or where their next fight will take place, how many opponents will be involved, what weapons the opponent will have available or how long the fight will last.  Needless to say, a referee will not be available to stop the fight, and as history has tragically shown, the opponent may intend on taking the Officers life.

In the sport of Protection and Service, physical fitness may indeed be the most important asset the Officer has at their disposal. CrossFit’s mission is to forge a level of physical fitness and mental toughness that will allow the Officer to triumph against any challenge they face.  We focus on teaching Officers fitness skills that are directly applicable to the demands of their job.   In addition, CrossFit takes a holistic view of the Officers career and fitness needs.  Our desire is to offer fitness techniques, workouts, nutrition information, mental strength training and advanced skill development to support the Officer for the duration of their career and beyond. We are intent on instilling a culture of physical fitness in the Law Enforcement Community – one workout at a time.

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