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Leadership and Operations


Suzanne Crouch

Lieutenant Governor
(Secretary of Agriculture)


Don Lamb



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Katie Nelson

Deputy Director

Phone: 317.517.7526

Ashley Fletcher- Shirley

Ashley Fletcher-Shirley

Executive Assistant

Phone: 463.245.7751

Public Affairs

Quinton Hayes

Director of Legislative Affairs

Phone: 317.450.2842

Regan Herr

Communications Director

Phone: 317.552.9281

Haley Reiger

Communications Deputy Director

Phone: 812.929.3863


Cathy Weeks

Hoosier Homestead Award Program Manager

Phone: 317.605.6960

Economic Development

D Coates

David Coates

Economic Development Director

Phone: 317.954.4073


Erica Heater

Agribusiness Engagement Director

Phone: 317.910.4722

Drew Sherman

Drew Sherman

International Trade Director

Phone: 317.690.4068

Chris Gonso

Hardwoods Program Manager

Phone: 317.690.4738

Tracy Roberts

Market Reporter Livestock Program Manager

Phone: 317.220.3711

Gordon Lowry

Market Reporter Market Reporting Program

Phone: 317.232.8770

Indiana Grown


Caroline Patrick

Program Director

Phone: 317.605.4268


Brandon Caldwell

Indiana Grown Marketing & Communications Manager

Phone: 317.503.7804

Angela Grant

Operations Specialist

Phone: 317.431.6115

Indiana FFA Association

Tami Ketchen

Tami Ketchen

Indiana FFA Director

Phone: 317.690.3133

Skylar Clingan

Skylar Clingan

Indiana FFA Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Phone: 463.245.7743


Erin Padgett

Indiana FFA Assistant Director for Youth Development

Phone: 317.910.5111


Amanda Mullins

Indiana FFA Assistant Director for Career & Leadership Development

Phone: 317.517.1454

Division of Soil Conservation

Central Office
Trevor Laureys 2021

Trevor Laureys

Division of Soil Conservation Director

Phone: 317.476.1106

Jennifer Thum 21

Jennifer Thum

Division of Soil Conservation Deputy Director

Phone: 260.341.6966

Leah Harmon

Director of Information Systems

Phone: 317.607.4127

Julie Harrold

CREP & Water Quality Initiatives Program Manager

Phone: 260.341.6698

Sam Stroebel

Data Analyst

Phone: 317.696.5520

Tara Wesseler-Henry

Grants & Training Coordinator

Phone: 765.745.0306

Breegan Andersen

Nutrient Stewardship Program Manager

Mobile Phone: 317.605.0701

District Support Specialists

Laura Fribley

DSS Team Leader
District Support Specialist

Phone: 812.595.5641

Sandra H

Sandra Hoffarth

District Support Specialist

Phone: 317.460.0428

Nathan Stoelting

District Support Specialist

Phone: 812.320.9873

Geneva Tyler

District Support Specialist

Phone: 317.518.4036


Kylie Wheeler

District Support Specialist

Phone: 765.480.1713

Resource Specialists
Northeast Region

Heath Hurst

Northeast RS Team Leader
Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.508.3167

Lindsey Bluhm

Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.210.2477

Chris Gardner

Resource Specialist

Phone: 574.223.3220 ext. 3

Dave Lefforge

Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.824.1930 ext. 105

Kate Sanders

Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.417.1313


Levi Sherman

Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.341.7406

Northwest Region

George Reger

Northwest RS Team Leader
Resource Specialist

Phone: 765.482.6355 ext. 108

Julie Morris

Resource Specialist

Phone: 219.869.9123

Matt Williams

Resource Specialist

Phone: 260.450.1087


Jessica Hatt

Resource Specialist

Phone: 463.245.7676


Courtney McFall

Resource Specialist

Mobile Phone: 317.650.8499

Southeast Region

Mike Johnson

Southeast RS Team Leader
Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.256.2330 ext. 106

Cassidy Rohrig

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.318.4762


Jennifer Rowland

Resource Specialist

Phone: 317.650.6350

Mark Thomas

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.689.6410 ext. 3

Monica Pohlar

Resource Specialist

Phone: 317.695.8132

Southwest Region

Andrea Gogel

Southwest RS Team Leader
Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.480.1498

Allison McKain

Allison McKain

Resource Specialist

Phone: 317.473.5439

Don Ryan

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.254.4780 ext. 106

Linda Voglund

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.698.2278

Dale Walker

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.446.8986 ext. 110


Colson Doyle

Resource Specialist

Phone: 812.489.4021


Billy Pigg

Resource Specialist

Phone: 317.741.0979

Indiana Grain Buyers & Warehouse Licensing Agency

Central Office Contact Information:

Harry Wilmoth

Indiana Grain Buyers Director

Kyle Shepherd

Indiana Grain Buyers Deputy Director of Compliance

Phone: 317.650.6942


Amanda Williams

Indiana Grain Buyers Deputy Director of Licensing

Phone: 317.232.1360


Kyle Kramer

Grain Compliance Officer

Phone: 317.471.9053

Renda Green

Grain Compliance Officer

Phone: 317.650.1487


Grace Harris

Grain Compliance Officer

Phone: 317.650.2026

DavidVian Website

David Vian

Grain Compliance Officer

Phone: 317.650.8519

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