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Indiana Dairy Strategy 2.0

Indiana Dairy Strategy 2.0 

Indiana is open for dairy business!
On January 27, 2021 the Indiana State Department of Agriculture unveiled a new Indiana Dairy Strategy, which focuses on dairy business expansion, development and attraction to our great Hoosier state. Indiana Dairy Strategy 2.0 is an update to the previous dairy strategy released in 2015.

Some highlights of the dairy strategy are as follows:

  • Indiana produces a net surplus of 3.5 million pounds of milk each day
  • Indiana producers and farmers have made strides around sustainability and work each day to reduce ecological impact
  • A key asset in growing Indiana’s dairy sector is the state’s advantage of critical infrastructure
  • Indiana has a positive regulatory and tax environment for dairy producers and processors

To view the full press release click here
To view the Dairy Strategy Handout click here
To view the full Dairy Strategy click here
Businesses interested in Indiana's dairy industry or business expansion should contact our business development director Victoria Herring at or 317.954.4073.

"Indiana is open for dairy business. The central location with the shortest distance to the median US population...makes Indiana the ideal spot to provide fresh milk for processors." -Victoria Herring, ISDA Business Development Director

"In Indiana, dairy farmers are vastly different in their size, management practices and how they promote themselves. What I find is - the main theme for every dairy farmer is their passion for what they do." -Jenni Browning, Indiana Dairy Association CEO

"This will go a long to making Indiana a top state in dairy."  -Suzanne Crouch, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

"The strategy gives Indiana a framework to ensure that every part of the industry is set up for success - from the dairy farmer to the larger processor." -Victoria Herring, ISDA Business Development Director

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