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Agritourism Farm Resources

To promote agritourism enterprises in Indiana, the General Assembly enacted a limitation of liability for agritourism providers who provide a statutory warning to participants and meet other specific requirements. To gain this limited liability, Indiana Agritourism locations may (but are not required) to post liability signage on the property of their agritourism destination. If the agritourism destination posts signage, it must follow the below guidelines.

Agritourism destination in need of "Wash Your Hands" signage for restroom or animal exhibits can download a free printable document below

Hundreds of agritourism sites operate in Indiana, allowing or inviting the general public to participate in, view or enjoy activities at agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operations. Agritourism activities include but are not limited to: self-pick farms, farmers' markets, petting zoos, farm tours, hayrides, corn mazes, horse rides, alcohol tastings and animal exhibitions at agricultural fairs.

Agritourism providers must obtain amusement and entertainment permits for purposes regulated by Indiana Code 22-12 and 22-14 and in accordance with 675 IAC 12-9-2. IDHS Code Enforcement will inspect the location to ensure it is in compliance with all applicable fire safety laws. Permits and inspections are also needed for amusement rides and if there will be a public display of fireworks.

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