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High-quality hardwood forests and a business-friendly environment, has made Indiana ranked:

  • 1st nationally in the production of wood office furniture and hardwood veneer
  • 2nd in wood kitchen cabinets and countertops, manufactured homes
  • 3rd in engineered wood products
  • 4th in pre-fabricated wood buildings
  • 5th in upholstered household furniture

Indiana’s hardwood industry has an annual economic impact of over $10 billion and supports 70,000 jobs -- 44,000 in primary and secondary manufacturing and 26,000 in ancillary sectors. 4.1 of Indiana’s 4.9 million forest acres are privately owned and statewide timber growth exceeds removals for harvest and natural tree mortality by 2.3 times. Hoosier forests offer a sustainable and natural raw material for manufactures that has an environmental impact difficult to beat!  

ISDA continues to develop Indiana's competitiveness in the hardwood industry through trade shows, buyer missions, trade missions and promotion of business to business and consumer awareness both nationally and internationally. These efforts retain and expand existing hardwoods manufacturing jobs and increase local demand for the state's high-quality timber. For more information, contact Chris Gonso, Hardwoods Program Manager, at cgonso@isda.in.govSources: Purdue University, US Census Bureau; Indiana Hardwood Strategy

Indiana Hardwood Strategy

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch unveiled a new economic development strategy to grow the state’s hardwoods industry on February 5, 2019. The strategy was commissioned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, and was completed by DJ Case & Associates, Purdue Center for Regional Development, Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, and Purdue Extension.

Indiana Hardwood Interactive Map

Developed by the Purdue Center for Regional Development, this is an interactive map of nearly 3,200 businesses has been developed with links to hardwoods and forest products sectors. The establishments are shown as dots of varying sizes dependent on the number of jobs in the business. The usual mapping features of zoom-in, zoom-out, linear distance measurement, and exporting into various image types are available. A click on any dot (business establishment) produces a pop-up feature with various details about the establishment including name, physical and web address, line of business, industry type, and more.

Purdue Center for Regional Development | Purdue | View in new window

Disclaimer: This interactive map was created by the Purdue Center for Regional Development using information from Hoover’s database. If you’re one of the businesses featured on this map and your information is either inaccurate or you would like to be removed, please contact us at communications@isda.in.gov. Or, if you’re an Indiana hardwoods company and not featured on this map but would like to be included, please contact us using the above information.

2017 Primary Industry Export Totals

Foreign buyers seeking Indiana hardwood suppliers are encouraged to contact the ISDA Hardwoods Program Manager and complete the following:

Foreign buyers may also request a copy of the Indiana Hardwood Manufacturers EXPORT DIRECTORY.

2019 International Trade Shows 

The following trade shows are sponsored by American Hardwood Export Council & Hardwood States Export Group.

  • Dubai International Wood & Wood Machinery Show, Dubai, U.A.E. – March 12-14
  • DelhiWood, Greater Noida (New Delhi), India – March 13-16
  • Interzum Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China – March 28-31
  • Tecno Mueble, Guadalajara, Mexico – August 14-17 
  • Furniture Manufacturing & Supply, Shanghai, China – September 9-12
  • VietnamWood, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – September 18-21

2018 Trade Leads

Lumber, log, veneer and other trade leads are available upon request for Hoosier wood products businesses.

  • IndiaWood, Bangalore (Bengaluru), India – March 8-12
  • Dubai International Wood & Wood Machinery Show, Dubai, U.A.E. – March 12-14
  • Interzum Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China – March 28-31
  • Sylva Wood Expo, Shanghai, China – June 25-27
  • Tecno Mueble, Guadalajara, Mexico – August 15-18 
  • Furniture Manufacturing & Supply (FMC Premium), Shanghai, China – September 11-14


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