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Temporary or emergency storage

In anticipation of higher yields this harvest season, the Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency wants to remind the state’s licensed grain facilities that they can apply for temporary or emergency storage by contacting the agency. Requests must be submitted in writing and approved by the agency’s director.
Before applying for temporary or emergency storage, licensees must adhere to the following requirements, which are outlined in the Indiana Administrative Code.
For a temporary storage request, the licensee must have:
  • asphalt or concrete floor,
  • rigid, self-supporting sidewalls,
  • aeration,
  • acceptable waterproof covering,
  • access to the grain for the purpose of sampling; and,
  • the grain must be removed by May 1, 2019, unless an extension is granted by the agency director.
For an emergency storage request, the grain must be:
  • paid in full and owned by the elevator,
  • removed by Jan. 31, 2019, unless an extension has been granted by the agency director; and,
  • no stored grain belonging to others is allowed.

How to apply for temporary or emergency storage

  1. Submit your request in writing to Ross Newton at RNewton@isda.IN.gov or fax it to (317) 232-1362. There is no particular format required for the request.


If you have any questions related to this matter please call the IGBWLA office at (317) 232-1360. 

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