About Indiana Agriculture

Indiana agriculture - By the numbers

  • $31.2 billion: Total value of sales for all Indiana agriculture-related products (estimated)
  • $9.9 billion: The value of unprocessed agricultural commodities sold
    • Indiana ranks 11th in the nation in agricultural sales
  • $4.6 billion: Indiana’s agricultural exports
  • 402 million: Number of pounds of shelled popcorn produced
  • 14.7 million: Acres of farmland cultivated by Indiana's farming operations
  • 970,000: Number of acres of cover crops planted in 2017
  • 107,500: Jobs supported by Indiana agriculture
  • 37,000: Number of acres of vegetables harvested for sale
  • 56,800 Number of farming operations in Indiana
  • 259: Average size of an Indiana farm (in acres)
  • 97 percent: Indiana's farms are family-owned
  • 84 percent: Land in Indiana that is farms, forests and woodland

Source: USDA NASS; Economic Research Service; Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Beyond the Farm

Top 5 National Rankings

  • Indiana ranks 1st in commercial duck production, wood office furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing.
  • Indiana ranks 2nd in popcorn production, ice cream production, egg layers inventory, and cropland planted with a cover crop.
  • Indiana ranks 3rd in spearmint, tomatoes (all), and total eggs produced.
  • Indiana ranks 4th in soybeans, turkeys raised, and peppermint.
  • Indiana ranks 5th in corn (for grain), watermelon and hog production.


Top 5 Indiana commodities (by value of sales)

  • $3.16 billion: Corn
  • $2.84 billion: Soybeans
  • $1.38 billion: Poultry and eggs
  • $1.15 billion: Meat animals
  • $687 million: Dairy

Note: These five commodity groups accounted for almost 93 percent of the 2016 cash receipts. Source: USDA NASS

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