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Message From The Staff

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) website. We appreciate your interest in the project.

Most citizens recognize that ineffective and outmoded communication equipment can directly impact the safety of their community. To meaningfully combat crime, terrorism and natural disaster, police officers, firefighters, highway maintenance workers and emergency medical service providers must possess the ability to effectively communicate within and between their respective agencies without traditional limitations.

Project Hoosier SAFE-T gives first responders a vital tool they need to combat crime and save lives. It gives public safety agencies unprecedented ability to talk to one another. Indeed, the SAFE-T network has already inspired cooperation among all public safety officers at the state, federal and local level. Indiana's approach to public safety communications has been inclusive and technologically progressive, but designed with a firm recognition of fiscal reality. Our vision is to enable all public safety agencies to share a single, integrated, voice and mobile data communications network statewide. Hoosier first responders and public safety professionals deserve no less.

The IPSC staff is united in the belief that Project Hoosier SAFE-T will make Indiana a safer place to live and work. After reviewing our story in the following pages, we are sure you will agree.


The IPSC Staff