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Support Help Line:  317-493-2098  (NOTE: this help line is for technical assistance by users of INPCMS; it is not for public inquiries about criminal cases [instead call your local prosecutor's office])
9777 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46280

In an effort to provide prosecutors with the latest information on electronic filing and forfeiture reporting, the IPAC will post and update info papers here and pass along presentations from State Court Administration and other stakeholders as they become available.


All INPCMS Offenses - Current and Non-Current (September 7, 2022) (Explanation)

IPAC Information Paper E-filing and Forfeiture Reporting

Masking Victims' Names in Sex Offenses and Children's Names in Crimes of Violence

Electronic Filing

INPCMS Child Support Handbook

E-Filing and the Public Service List

Guide to E-Filing Confidential Information

State Court Administration E-filing Website:

Diagram Explaining E-Filing Concept


FirstNet Information Paper