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IPAC Board

2023-2024 IPAC Proposed Slate of Officers

Chair — Vicki Becker

Vice Chair — Erika Oliphant

Secretary — Jeremy Mull


Two-Year Terms

Jeremy Brown — Republican — Adams County

Jeremy T. Mull  — Republican — Clark County

Erika Oliphant — Democrat — Monroe County

Chris A. Owens — Democrat — Scott County

Steven Sonnega  — Republican — Morgan County

One-Year Terms

Vicki Becker — Republican — Elkhart County

Andrew Bryson — Democrat — Union County

James B. Landwerlen  — Republican — Shelby County

Wesley A. Schemenaur — Democrat — Jay County

updated 11//2023

IPAC Contact Info

Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
302 W. Washington St., Rm. E-205
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Telephone: 317-232-1836
Fax: 317-233-3599
Email: (please note, this email address goes to IPAC staff, NOT a local prosecutor)

Attention: The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council does NOT provide legal research, legal advice, or legal services to the public and does not have access to individual court records.

*Please contact your local county prosecutor for specific case information.*

Chris Naylor, Executive Director

Courtney Curtis, Assistant Executive Director

James Oliver, Deputy Director of Criminal Law

Robin Bischof, Chief of Staff

Abbie Heischman, Legislative Liaison

Chris Daniels, Senior Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Amy Blackett, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prosecutor

Karla Mantia, Title IV-D Policy Liaison

Whitney Riggs, Public Information Officer

David Powell, Senior Counsel

Tracy Fitz, Juvenile Resource Prosecutor

Erica Dobbs, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Andre Miksha, Deputy Director of Admin. & Civil Law

David Morris, IV-D Staff Attorney

Sharon Everling, Administrative Assistant

Kasey Nell, IV-D Administrative Staff & Paralegal

Shannon Meadows, Administrative Staff

Gisella Garibay, Administrative Staff