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Adult Protective Services

State Hotline: 1-800-992-6978

An Endangered Adult...

A person who believes or has reason to believe an endangered adult is the victim of battery, neglect or exploitation is required to report the facts to Adult Protective Services or a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the endangered adult. A report to Adult Protective Services may be made by calling the state hotline number or by contacting the appropriate APS Investigative Unit directly. Any emergency report should be made directly to law enforcement. A person who makes a report in good faith is immune from any civil or criminal liability. IC 35-46-1-13 & IC 35-46-1-14.

An "endangered adult," for purposes of reporting, is an individual who is:

  1. at least eighteen (18) years of age; and
  2. incapable by reason of mental illness, mental retardation, dementia, or other physical or mental incapacity of managing or directing the management of the individual's property or providing or directing the provision of self-care.

APS Units

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