Daviess County Prosecutor - Daniel S. Murrie

Dan Murrie has been prosecuting cases in Daviess County for over ten years. As Chief Deputy, he was the leading trial counsel for the office and prosecuted a wide range of cases from traffic infractions to major felonies. He was also primarily responsible for overseeing and taking down several multi-defendant drug operations.

As the elected prosecutor, his primary responsibilities still include dealing with the most serious felonies and managing the top law enforcement office in the County.

In addition to his responsibilities in criminal law, the prosecutor's office also oversees a thriving child support program that collects millions of dollars every year for the benefit of the children in this community.

Above all else, it is the goal of this office to make Daviess County a place where people want to invest in jobs, where people feel safe and where people want to raise a family.

Prosecutor Murrie served as chairman of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council in 2016/2017.


Daviess County Contact Info

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