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In an effort to provide prosecutors with the latest information on electronic filing and forfeiture reporting, the IPAC will post and update info papers here and pass along presentations from State Court Administration and other stakeholders as they become available.


All INPCMS Offenses - Current and Non-Current (October 2018) (Explanation)

INPCMS Offenses Added or Repealed in 2018 (Updated each month at EOM)

IPAC Information Paper E-filing and Forfeiture Reporting

Report on 2016 improvements, enhancements, and changes to the INPCMS

Document Management Systems

A significant component necessary for e-filing to succeed is a document management system. Odyssey and JTS are helping field such systems. Map of fielding as of July 14, 2015

Electronic Filing

E-Filing and the Public Service List

Deployment and Go-Live Schedule

INPCMS Statewide Electronic File Manager Handbook OFS Handbook

Guide to E-Filing Confidential Information

State Court Administration E-filing Website:

Diagram Explaining E-Filing Concept

Hamilton County Pilot - Lessons Learned


INPCMS Forfeiture Module Handbook


FirstNet Information Paper

Andrew Perlman, The Twenty-First Century Lawyer's Evolving Duty of Competence, 22.4  The Professional Lawyer   ( 2014)