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The IPAC Board of Directors continues to make changes to trainings and conferences based on the latest information from the CDC and local health officials. IPAC has moved its upcoming juvenile and sexual assault summits to an online format. The traffic summit scheduled for September has been cancelled with the hope that it can be hosted in 2021.

Starting on April 30, IPAC staff will be hosting a weekly webinar every Thursday at noon though October 8, as part of an effort to continue offering CLE despite not being able to meet in person. The topics and presenters are listed below.




Crawford v. Washington and Scientific Evidence
August 6 / Noon Eastern

This lecture will focus on the confrontation clause and how it affects admissibility of scientific testimony and lab reports. Join IPAC's Assistant Executive Director Courtney Curtis for this webinar.

Registration is now open. Click here to sign up.



Silent Witness and Other Evidentiary Foundations
August 20 / Noon Eastern

Learn from IPAC's Drug Resource Prosecutor Dan Miller about the evidentiary foundations for fungible evidence, demonstrative evidence and “silent witness” evidence and how each type of evidence is allowed to be used by the jury.

Registration will open at a later date. Check back for links.


Trial Advocacy I: Domestic Violence

August 25-27, 2020
Crowne Plaza Indianapolis at Union Station

Course Description: A multi-day focus on trial advocacy through the lens of domestic violence prosecution. This course will focus on victimology, trauma informed interviewing, effective use of an expert witness, and evidence based prosecution. In addition to lecture on voir dire, direct examination, cross, and closing, students should be prepared to practice each discipline in a mock setting with experienced faculty critique. This course is designed for the deputy prosecutor with less than two years experience trying cases. 

The course agenda can be found here.

Registration is now closed. 

All IPAC in-person trainings will follow the most recent CDC guidelines pertaining to social distancing and the use of face coverings. Current CDC guidance and the requirements of the host facility are subject to change, however, please be advised that currently IPAC expects all students and faculty will be required to wear masks throughout the training.




The Exclusionary Rule and its Many Exceptions
September 3 / Noon Eastern

Oftentimes, having a “bad” search or seizure by law enforcement is far from the end of the story, in light of all the exceptions to the exclusionary rule. This webinar will cover the origins, basis, and current status of the exclusionary rule under both the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions, and explore the multitude of exceptions to the rule that currently exist. Join IPAC's Director of Research Glenn Johnson for this hour long discussion.

Registration will be open at a later date. Check back for links.



New Officer Phlebotomy Program and Other Blood Draw Issues
September 10 / Noon Eastern

From TSRP Chris Daniels, participants will be walked through Indiana's new phlebotomy program and learn about best practices for how to introduce a breath test ticket in a jury trial.

Registration will open at a later date. Check back for links.



How to Talk with Kids
September 17 / Noon Eastern

The goal of this webinar is to ease your mind about talking to and preparing your child witnesses for trial. DV/SAR Prosecutor Amy Blackett will cover basics of child development, how forensic interviewers are taught to talk to children, tips for prepping kids to testify and more.

Registration will open at a later date. Check back for links.


Virtual Juvenile Summit

September 25, 2020
9 a.m. - Noon

Course Description: A one-day virtual gathering of prosecutors from around the state who handle juvenile matters to review the nuts and bolts of juvenile prosecution and discuss current issues and reforms affecting this area of law. This course is appropriate for all levels of experience. 

Registration opens August 21, 2020.



Case Law Update
September 24 / Noon Eastern

Review of important Indiana criminal case law handed down by appellate courts from April 2020 through August 2020 from Jim Oliver, Deputy Director of Criminal Law.

Registration will be open at a later date. Check back for links.


Trial Advocacy III: Voir Dire

September 29 - October 1, 2020

Course Description: A multi-day course focusing on the intricacies of jury selection. Students will learn methods to successfully uncover bias, encouraging prospective jurors to talk, and the psychology of different personality types that may be present in your jury pool. This course combines lecture and mock presentations from experienced faculty with student performed exercises and critique. This course is designed for prosecutors with a minimum of 10 jury trials, with some felony experience.  

Registration opens July 28, 2020.



Public Relations and Media Summit

October 13, 2020
Embassy Suites Noblesville

Course Description: Love it or hate it, managing media is a must for any elected prosecutor. This course discusses smart concepts for maximizing reach to constituents via print, electronic, or television media, as well as social media. Faculty will also discuss ethical considerations. This course is designed for elected prosecutors, chief deputies, or public information officers. 



IV-D Expenditures and Reimbursement
October 21 / Noon Eastern

This session will cover some of the most common issues addressed during the past year of Financial Quality Assurance (FQA) reviews in order to help prosecutor offices avoid pitfalls and problems in the future. We will review and refresh the applicable federal financial regulations and CSB directives for claiming federal reimbursement.  We will also review any recently issued federal and state directives and guidance documents and answer any related questions or concerns.

Registration will open at a later date. Check back for links.


Virtual Sexual Assault Summit

October 29, 2020

Course Description:  A one day virtual gathering of prosecutors to review topics pertaining to the prosecution of Sexual Assault and Child Molest cases, as well as topics relevant to victim advocacy.  This course is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Additional information will be available soon.



updated 7/30/2020


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