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December 2020

Elder Abuse: Financial Exploitation, Physical and Sexual Assualts and Homicide
December 7, 2020
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET
Presented by the National District Attorneys Association
The faculty member will explore the unique aspects of investigating and prosecuting cases that involve physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation or homicide where the victim is an elder individual. He will overview the dynamics regarding these special victims, including stereotypes, i.e. invalid preconceived notions of memory loss, dementia, etc. He will discuss the true value and credibility of these witnesses. Some additional issues discussed include: conquering juror bias with elders as witnesses; charging concerns; challenges when abuse occurs in institutional settings; preparing the witness for pretrial hearings and trial; anticipating and overcoming typical defenses in these cases; methods of corroborating the victim’s account of the assault; researching the areas where your victim is most vulnerable and tackling these and other weaknesses in your case during direct examination; preparing the victim for cross-examination; any unique pretrial motions; use of expert witnesses both to establish medical documentation as well as mental/demeanor evidence; overcoming defense claims in homicide cases and other crimes to watch for in the investigatory stage.
Cost: $110 for members, $120 for non-members. To register and for more information, click here
DNA 101 The Basics
December 9, 2020
11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET
Presented by the National District Attorneys Association
The goal of this training is to provide fundamental topics and cutting-edge information designed to assist the prosecution team new to investigating, managing and presenting cases with DNA evidence. If you are overwhelmed with the thought of tackling scientific evidence and scientific expert witnesses, if you have not managed these cases before or only have experience with a few cases with DNA evidence, if the thought of voluminous defense motions disrupt your nightly sleep, then this is the training for you ! Join seasoned faculty, including experienced prosecutors and DNA experts as they provide effective techniques and strategies that will increase your ability to successfully overcome any challenge the defense may present. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each presentation. You are encouraged to take advantage of this active learning environment.
Cost: $179 for members, $210 for non-members. To register and from more information, click here



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