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You have come to right spot if you are interested in starting a project, have been asked to lead a project, or just want to learn more about project management. Let the Project Success Center be your guide. Feel free to peruse the page to see what applies to you, or jump right to the topic that best captures what you want to accomplish:

  • Starting a project
  • Find a project template
  • Learn about the IOT Project Management Framework
  • Learn more about project management in general
  • See a list of IOT projects

Note that most of the links on this site are intended for IOT and other State of Indiana employees, and require connection to the state's network.

Starting a Project

If you have a project idea, or you have been assigned a project and do not know where to begin, head over to the Start a Project page. There you will find information on how to classify your project and what level of detail is required to manage it, how to identify your sponsor, what other resources you may need.

Project Templates

Are you looking to capture project related information? Not sure of the difference between a Project Request, Charter, or a Project Plan? Head to the PM Toolkit page to learn more and gain access to the many helpful project templates.

Project Management at IOT

The Project Management (PM) Framework page defines IOT’s PM Framework, and outlines the project management lifecycle, starting with Identification and working all the way through closeout. The page also provides a general overview of the lifecycle phases and the outputs of each phase.

Project Management – The Discipline

Do you want to learn more about the concepts behind project management? The Training Resources page provides information on the project management discipline.

IOT Project Listing

The IOT Projects Listing page displays the current status of the active and pending IOT-related projects.

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