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Project Success Center (PSC)

The IOT Project Success Center's mission is to Organize, Execute and Deliver a quality product or service for the State of Indiana utilizing industry best practices and a structured framework.

Our long-term vision is to create a common project management environment for all State Agencies, to centralize and standardize project document formats, guidelines, tools, reporting, and training.

About Projects at IOT

IOT’s goal is to capture, rank and report all IT projects, including projects from State agencies, and the resources associated with those projects. The goal of this undertaking is to accomplish two things. The first is to establish clear priorities with regards to projects. By having complete visibility and ranking of all projects, IOT can make better informed decisions on which projects to prioritize based upon important factors such as risk, value and roadmap dependencies. The second goal is to more effectively manage time and resources. Project prioritization and resource allocation will help IOT align, commit, and plan available resources for current and future projects to help drive efficient and timely project completion.

All IOT projects start with a Project Request.

Organize. Execute. Deliver.