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Standard application header information.

Note: The styles and basic functionality are all controlled through a set of hosted files provided by IOT. You can click here to request a copy of the header files for your development.

Agency Branding

Colors and logos are determined by the class names entered in the Standard App Header. To see a list of the class names, please fill out the form located in the provided link.

Agency Logos

Agency logos in the header are capped at 30px height.

A second version should be saved out for Retina displays at two times the initial resolution.

30px version

@2x version

Agency Colors

There is usually a single primary color used to drive the header. The secondary color used in the subnavigation is a darkened version of the primary.

A secondary color is occasionally used to provide a different color menu button background.

Menu Icons

The standard application header uses FontAwesome to generate the main header menu icons.

Here is a list of approved icons and the associated approve menu text.

Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu can be located on the left or right side.

The submenu itself can contain your full navigation for the application.

The hamburger should always be accomponied with the word "Menu".

Left Hamburger

Right Hamburger