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State Road 641, also known as the Terre Haute Bypass, opened to traffic in January 2017. SR 641 is a new 6.2 mile, four-lane, divided highway from U.S. 41 south of Terre Haute to S.R. 46 at I-70. S.R. 641 reduces congestion and provides much needed relief to motorists who use U.S. 41 (Dixie Bee Highway) on a regular basis.

The bypass provides better access to Vigo County residents through an alternative route around the congested segment of U.S. 41; Iimproves conditions along U.S. 41 for users accessing congested commercial areas; provides a bypass for through travelers between U.S. 41 south and I-70 east; improves access to and between commercial transportation hubs and the Vigo County Industrial Park; and reduces the overall rate and severity of accidents along U.S. 41.

Construction cost of the SR 641 Terre Haute Bypass was $150 million.

The concept of a bypass about the southeastern portion of Terre Haute was first presented in 1989, when officials of Terre Haute and Vigo County approached INDOT with the proposal. In October 1990, the West Central Indiana Economic Development District (WCIEDD), which is the designed Metropolitan Planning Organization for the region, adopted the Greater Terre Haute Long range Transportation Plan. That plan included the bypass as a “new 4-lane divided limited access facility.” Subsequently, the Vigo County Board of Commissioners, the Vigo County Council, and the Terre Haute City Council voted unanimously to adopt the recommended transportation plan on July 18, 1990. The WICIEDD’s Policy and Technical Committees adopted the plan the same day.

In recognition of the long-term needs of the Terre Haute area and the growing traffic congestion along U.S. 41 south of I-70, INDOT conducted a Southeast Terre Haute Bypass Preliminary Feasibility Assessment of the bypass, which was completed in December 1990. It concluded the project was warranted. The project was included in the Indiana State Highway Improvement Program on August 29, 1991. Further project development by INDOT resulted in the Engineer’s Report for S.R. 641 (Terre Haute) Bypass which was completed in January 1995.

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