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Operation Indy Commute: I-69

Operation Indy Commute is an initiative by INDOT to strategically eliminate recurring commuting bottlenecks on I-69 in Marion and Hamilton counties between the I-465 interchange and 116th Street/S.R. 37 exits, and at the I-465/I-65 interchange on the south side of Indianapolis. The program is modeled after successful, quick-turnaround traffic flow improvements built in other states under the Federal Highway Administration’s Localized Bottleneck Reduction Program.

This page is specifically for the I-69 portion of Operation Indy Commute. To alleviate recurring commuting bottlenecks an $18 million contract made capacity and configuration improvements to the I-69 Exit 205 interchange at State Road 37 and 116th Street. A second $11 million contract is adding lanes to I-69 between 116th Street and I-465.

Current Conditions on I-69

Configuration changes, closures/restrictions for mainline I-69
  • The left inside shoulder of southbound I-69 was rebuilt to create a new travel lane from 116th Street to the I-69/I-465 interchange.
  • Northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes will be built to connect interchange ramps between 82nd, 96th, and 116th streets. Northbound auxiliary lanes are open to traffic, and southbound auxiliary lanes are expected to open in June.

Configuration Improvements to Northbound Section of I-69/116th Street/State Road 37 Interchange

  • Configuration improvements to northbound section of I-69/116th Street/State Road 37 interchange
  • I-69 near the 116th Street/S.R. 37 interchange now has three lanes to Exit 205 and three lanes to continue north on I-69.
  • The three lanes split so that two lanes of traffic will continue to S.R. 37 and two lanes will exit to 116th Street.
  • A new flyover bridge carries two lanes of traffic to northbound SR 37.
  • Three collector/distributor lanes - two lanes exit to S.R. 37 and one lane enters from 116th Street. Traffic from the 116th Street entrance ramp remains to the right merges onto northbound I-69 north of the new S.R. 37 flyover, eliminating weaving traffic patterns within the interchange.

Configuration Changes for Southbound Section of the I-69/S.R. 37 Interchange at 116th Street

  • Configuration changes for southbound section of I-69/116th Street/State Road 37 interchange
  • A new bridge for S.R. 37 southbound traffic entering I-69 eliminates the existing weaving across traffic exiting I-69 to 116th Street.
  • The southbound I-69 exit ramp to 116th Street will travels under the new S.R. 37 bridge.
  • For traffic entering the interchange from S.R. 37, the existing collector/distributor lanes are reconfigured so that two lanes will exit to 116th Street and two lanes will continue south under the 116th Street bridge to I-69.

Restrictions to the Southbound Section of the I-69/S.R. 37 Interchange at 116th Street

2013 Restrictions on Mainline I-69


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