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CRS LogoWelcome to the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Cultural Resources Manual.

The Cultural Resources Manual (CRM) was prepared by INDOT’s Cultural Resources Office (CRO) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration-Indiana Division Office (FHWA-IN) and the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA). The CRM is designed to provide guidance for the compliance of state and federal cultural resource laws pertaining to INDOT and Local Public Agency (LPA) projects.

The Cultural Resources Manual (CRM) is arranged in five primary parts. Each part contains links to individual chapters. Each chapter contains a table of contents with links to the chapter’s topic areas. Bookmarks on the top left menu can also be clicked and will direct you to the relevant location in the chapter. The five primary parts are summarized below:

Part I Introduction: Part I provides an overview of the CRM and INDOT-CRO, and defines what is meant by cultural resources in regards to FHWA/INDOT projects.
Part II Section 106 Compliance: Part II pertains to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). Section 106 comprises the majority of FHWA and INDOT’s cultural resource compliance activities, and therefore Part II represents the largest component of the CRM. The chapters of Part II follow the sequential process for complying with Section 106.
Part III State Laws and Specifications: Part III discusses the various state laws and requirements involving cultural resources whose compliance are typically independent of Section 106.
Part IV Historic Bridges: Part IV focuses on compliance with historic bridges, including the Historic Bridge Inventory and Project Development Process.
Part V Forms: Part V contains the most commonly used forms and templates.

In addition to the primary parts, an Appendix is included with a list of acronyms, a glossary of cultural resource management terms, and a list of helpful websites.

The CRM can be accessed via the tabs on the top left menu of this page. A complete copy of the CRM is being revised and, once completed, will be available for download.

Please refer to INDOT’s Cultural Resources Office homepage for all of our cultural resource compliance activities.