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Welcome to the Indiana Department of Transportation!

In 1917, Gov. James Goodrich announced the formation of the Indiana State Highway Commission with Lorenzo Wright as the first commissioner.  A lot has changed since those early days, including our agency name but one tradition that has stood the test of time is our commitment to quality and service to our traveling public.  As a new team member at the Indiana Department of Transportation, you are now a part of that proud tradition.

At INDOT, our mission combines our strengths to collectively plan, build and maintain safe and innovative transportation infrastructure that enhances quality of life, drives economic growth, and accommodates new modes of transport. Our Core Values factor heavily in everything we do.

INDOT Core Values

Value the individual skills, experience, diversity and contributions of fellow employees.

Empower our people to share information and seek input from partners to achieve goals.

Take responsibility for actions and decisions to encourage a culture of ownership and pride.

Focus on new, practical ideas and technology to continuously serve our customers better and more efficiently.

Trust is the main focus around which the Core Values are centered. Without trust, we as an organization cannot function properly to achieve our organizational goals.

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INDOT Events

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