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Where We Are Now - The Rebuttal Phase

The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program has a Challenge Process with three phases.

The Challenge Phase

March 4, 2024 to April 17, 2024

The Challenge Phase gave units of local government, non-profit organizations, and internet service providers the chance to submit certain types of challenges to correct the IBO’s baseline map.

The Rebuttal Phase

May 2, 2024 to June 1, 2024

During the Rebuttal Phase, permissible challengers can provide rebuttal evidence against challenges that were submitted during the Challenge Phase. The Rebuttal Phase is an opportunity for permissible challengers to correct any changes they believer were made in error or are incorrect. All rebuttals must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on June 1.

Final Determinations Phase

June 2, 2024 to July 1,2024

Any location that receives both a challenge and rebuttal will enter a “disputed” state. All disputed locations will be reviewed during the last phase, the Final Determinations Phase.


If you missed the BEAD Rebuttal Phase webinar, watch the recording here

Rebuttal Phase Webinar Slide Deck Cover

Rebuttal Phase Webinar Slide Deck Available

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The Indiana BEAD Rebuttal Phase Guide for the public is available here.

Download PDF