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OCRA: Broadband Readiness Pilot Program

This new plan will help communities gain an understanding of their current broadband conditions and needs, create a long-term vision of broadband in their community, and identify options for achieving that vision. The plan will have to meet all the normal CDBG program criteria, and the grant amount will be a minimum of $50,000. The communities were announced on Wednesday, September 12. Click here to read the full press release: Crouch, OCRA announce recipients of broadband planning grant. To learn more about the next steps for these communities, watch this informational webinar and view more information.

OCRA: Next Level Connections Broadband Program

The Next Level Connections (NLC) Broadband Grant Program is designed to promulgate access to reliable and affordable broadband service to all areas of the state, which is necessary for a highly functioning 21st century economy. This is a part of Governor Holcomb’s broader Next Level Connections infrastructure program. The program builds upon investments made through industry funds, along with prior and ongoing grant programs. Yet, there are still areas of Indiana that remain unserved for a range of economic and topographical considerations. Purdue University found that Indiana has the potential to gain billions in economic benefits over 20 years with full deployment of broadband into rural areas.

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OCRA: Indiana Connectivity Program

The Indiana Connectivity Program aims to connect residents and businesses that lack access to broadband internet service with service providers and assist in the expense of extending broadband to those locations.

Residential and business locations that are unserved or underserved (access to actual speeds less than 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload) can apply for consideration by entering their information into the Next Level Connections portal to initiate their interest in receiving broadband internet service.

Internet Service Providers will have the opportunity to review these locations and submit bids to the state on the cost of providing service to these locations. OCRA will evaluate these bids and make awards to the providers whose bid presents the lowest cost to the state for extension of the service.

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