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Connecting Indiana Speed Test

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Take the Connecting Indiana Speed Test

Help Get Broadband Funding To Your Community

For broadband funding to be allocated to Indiana communities needing it the most, the Indiana Broadband Office (IBO) needs data to accurately reflect gaps in broadband connectivity throughout the state. One of the best ways to acquire this data is to encourage residents to conduct internet speed tests, which measure upload and download speeds while using the internet connection on a device. It’s easy to get started by visiting

Why Should I Take the Test?

There are multiple broadband funding programs that collect speed test data. By conducting a speed test you can help us in the following ways:

Ensure Accurate Data

Taking the tests will contribute to a more accurate view of broadband internet availability across Indiana measured by residents themselves. The more tests conducted, the more accurate the data.

ID Underserved Areas

These tests combined with others ensure the data collected from residents accurately reflects where the gaps are, and identifies which communities are served, underserved, or unserved.

Get Funding Faster

The more tests taken, the easier it is to get more funding for broadband in the communities that need it most. This makes a big difference in how long communities will remain unserved or underserved.

Best Practices When Taking the Test

Test Once per Day for a Week from Home
Be sure to test at a different time each day. Frequency is key. An email reminder is available to help you remember to take the test daily.

Provide Your Physical Address
Helps IBO better understand your situation. Your data is secure and will only be used for planning purposes.

Test from a Wi-Fi Enabled Device Only
Conduct the test from your laptop, computer, or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Do not use your cellular network or hotspot for the test.

Conduct Under Optimal Conditions
Ensure no one in your household is watching videos, gaming, or on a video call during the test for best results.

Indiana Broadband Audit

In addition to taking the test, you can also access extensive broadband service data throughout the state of Indiana.

  • Underserved and Unserved Broadband Serviceable Locations
  • Broadband Performance Trends
  • Local Internet Service Providers and Performance of Service
  • Indiana Demographics
  • Broadband Audits for Any County, City, or Tribe
Indiana Broadband Audit screen

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