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The movement of information and data has become critical in the digital age. It is this high-speed, reliable and affordable connectivity that enhances community development, enables businesses to grow and equips Hoosiers with the necessary tools. Broadband has become essential for industries such as agriculture, healthcare and industries that rely on telecommuting.

More than that, broadband has become an important part of quality of life, emphasizing convenience and connectivity - an educational campaign to promote positivity and awareness surrounding the broadband conversation. The “Defining Broadband” campaign uses the phrase “Broadband is …” as a foundation to communicate the various benefits and critical uses of broadband and, in doing so, communicates the vital need for connection to broadband in Indiana and beyond.

Broadband is …

  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Convenience
  • Learning
  • Working
  • eCommerce
  • Connecting
  • Empowering

Broadband is the vehicle that moves information at high speeds and allows every corner of the state to be digitally connected.


Through broadband, healthcare providers have the ability to deliver care at a distance. Connection to broadband provides the opportunity to create a healthier state with reduced travel and more affordable access to care.


Broadband provides the ability to engage in eLearning that is becoming a common practice in K-12 schools across the nation. Many schools have designated eLearning days, or they will utilize eLearning during times when school cannot be in session due to weather or other challenges.


Telecommuting is becoming commonplace for many businesses. The ability to work from home when necessary is a benefit that many employees and employers recognize in today’s digital world. Broadband makes it possible for a parent to stay home with a sick child or an employee to work through acclimate weather conditions or other challenges.

Work from Home


A critical tool for eCommerce, broadband opens a new environment in which businesses of all shapes and sizes can thrive. Whether that be through processing online payments and managing product databases or even providing online services and utilizing marketing tools, broadband gives business owners the connection they need to make game-changing opportunities for their ventures.

Small Businesses


Precision agriculture is becoming more prevalent as farmers utilize innovative techniques to increase efficiency and productivity. Connection to broadband in all corners of the state, including rural areas, ensures we remain competitive in this industry.

The Future of American Farming Demands Broadband