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Connecting Every Corner of the State

The movement of information and data has become critical in the digital age. It is this high-speed, reliable and affordable connectivity that enhances community development, enables businesses to grow and equips Hoosiers with the necessary tools. Broadband has become essential for industries such as agriculture, healthcare and organizations that rely on telecommuting.

More than that, broadband has become an important part of quality of life, emphasizing convenience and connectivity to family and friends. Broadband is the vehicle that moves information at high speeds and allows every corner of the state to be digitally connected.


The mission of the Indiana Broadband Office is to assist residents in need of affordable and reliable broadband connectivity. This mission of reaching Hoosiers where they live, work and play is accomplished by communicating with stakeholders, providing resources to a diverse audience and leveraging established relationships with elected officials, associations and providers.


The vision of the Indiana Broadband Office is to become the one-stop-shop for all things broadband and to strive towards affordable broadband coverage to all Hoosiers.