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U.S. Cable Industry Announces New

K-12 Bridge to Broadband Initiative to Help Connect Students to Broadband for Remote and Hybrid Learning


Charter Communications


Comcast extends 60-days of free internet service to new internet essentials customers

  • Originally set to expire on June 30, the free offer will now be available through the end of this year. In addition, Comcast will continue to waive, through the end of the year, the requirement that customers not have a past due balance with Comcast to qualify for the free offer.
  • Applicants can go to: www.internetessentials.com using any web-connected device, including mobile phones. The accessible website also includes the option to video chat with customer service agents in American Sign Language. In addition, there are two dedicated phone numbers 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.

Cradlepoint: Learn From Home Solution

Digital Connectors: Building Futures Through Digital Literacy

  • This program is a year-long course where students receive digital literacy training three times per week at local schools, community center or other facilities. Students are able to put into practice the technical expertise they’ve gained by volunteering at various community-based organizations, senior centers, churches, and their own homes. Through this program, students learn how to network computer labs, connect wireless access points, design computer training modules and create social media projects.

Comcast’s COVID-19 Response

Mediacom Communications

  • Mediacom Communications announced the company is extending through the July and August billing cycles a series of previously announced initiatives directed at helping American families address work, education and health care challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

National Digital Inclusion Alliance

  • NDIA has compiled a list of resources of Free & Low-Cost Internet Plans. This list is to help low-income households to acquire service at low or no cost. 


  • Sparklight announced it will extend through the end of the year many of its relief measures that were set to expire on June 30, 2020, to support customers and communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Customers can call 877-692-2253 for more information. 

Indiana Cable & Broadband Members Taking Unprecedented Action to Connect Hoosiers:

ComcastCharter, and Mediacom are offering new, low-income customers two free months of home internet and raising speeds in those programs:

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