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The Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission studies and makes recommendations to appropriate federal, state and local governmental agencies in areas of concern to our state's Native and non-Native people. The ultimate objectives are to bring the Native community together, help identify and provide opportunities to the Native American people, and enhance social, cultural, community and economic development in Indiana.

Commission meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend and participate. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted on this website here. The areas of focus identified by commission statute include employment, education, civil rights, health and housing.

Indiana Code expressly prohibits the Commission's involvement in the areas of tribal sovereignty and casinos.

The Indiana State Law also states the definition of Native American Indian in code 4-23-32-2.

To make an inquiry or request of the commission, or to schedule time to speak as a guest at a commission meeting, please contact Director Gail Brown, at

On this website you will find links to Upcoming EventsResourcesNews ReleasesPublic Meetings, information about the Commissioners and the Indiana Statute that governs this Commission.  Please check back often for updates and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

INAIAC Director

Gail Brown assumed his role as director of the Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission (INAIAC) in April of 2023. As director, he works with federal, state, and local agencies along with a variety of community organizations to promote the INAIAC’s mission. The mission is to examine issues and to improve lives of Native Americans in Indiana in the areas of civil rights, health, housing, education, and employment.

Brown holds a B.A. in history from Purdue University and a M.A.A. in applied anthropology from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining the ICRC and INAIAC, he worked for thirty years in the museum field. Recently he has served as the Director of Public and Family Engagement with the Indiana State Museum and as Manager of Public Programs with Conner Prairie. With his background in informal education, he believes in bringing together as many community partners as possible to find solutions to issues and educating the public.

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