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As directed by the Indiana State Legislature, IEERB’s Research Division (IC 20-29-3-14) must be organized to provide:

  1. statistical data on the resources of each school corporation;
  2. the substance of any agreements reached by each school corporation; and
  3. other relevant data.

IEERB collects Collective Bargaining Data (salary, wages, and wage related benefits) and Teacher Contracts through the Gateway portal and publishes these data through Gateway Report Builder. School corporations are responsible for submitting their data, and IEERB does not verify corporation data.

IEERB Search is an advanced search engine and document retrieval system that contains collective bargaining agreements, IEERB unit determination, unfair labor practice decisions, factfinding cases, and relevant opinions from the Attorney General.  In order to access the data in the database you must self-register for an account. Access IEERB Search here.

If you have information that you would like to see added, please contact IEERB at (317) 233-6620.