• Watch the 2018 IEERB Update webinar here. Click here to view the presentation slides only.

  • The IDOE released a memo on July 6, 2018 that contains information about teacher compensation.  See Section II. Teacher Compensation regarding Supplemental Payments and Differentiated Base Salary Increases/Raises.

  • IEERB Executive Director, Sarah Cudahy, presents at the IDOE Budget Workshop June 2018 "2018 Teacher Bargaining Updates"

  • IEERB's Final Rule in LSA Document #17-443 is effective on June 23, 2018. Parties should review changes to IEERB's existing rules.  Guidance and training on the new rules and changes to the former rules is forthcoming.

  • All Compliance Reports and Recommendations for 2017-2018 CBAs have been timely issued. A record 65% were compliant and only 1% were prior approval!

    • An overview:

      • 187  - CBAs

      • 122  - Compliant (list here)

      • 63  - Not Compliant, Cease & Desist Penalties Issued

      • 2 - Not Compliant, Cease & Desist and Prior Approval Penalties Issued

    • Contact IEERB if you did not receive a CRR for a 2017-2018 CBA. CRRs for 2017-2019 CBAs will be issued at a later date.  Visit for appeal information.

  • Memo regarding School Year 16-17 teacher salary, wages, and benefits data - here

  • FY2017 IEERB Annual Report available here