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Indiana Education Employment Relations Board

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Welcome to the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB) website! Follow us on Twitter @IN_EERB

The 2021 Collective Bargaining Report was due July 30, 2021.  Click this link to see which corporations have or have not submitted the report. This report will not be available until all units have submitted the report.

MOU Quick Reference Guide This guide explains when MOUs are allowable and how to submit one to IEERB.

Indiana Code 20-29 outlines IEERB's functions. In summary, the Indiana state legislature expects IEERB to provide direction and information regarding: Collective Bargaining & Impasse, Unfair Labor Practices, Education Employment Research, and Representation. The purpose of our website is to provide information and guidance about IEERB Board decisions and actions. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please contact our office.