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State Plan

Indiana Supported Decision-Making (SDM)
State Plan

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What is the plan?

Disability and aging organizations in Indiana have partnered to develop a state plan with the goal of expanding the use of supported decision-making and other decision-making supports for people with disabilities and older adults.

Supported Decision-Making can be used as a way to support and accommodate people with disabilities and older adults with the decision-making process. The individual chooses supporters to help them make decisions, but the individual makes the final decision. Learn more about supported decision-making.

Often times, people who need help making decisions are put under guardianship.  Guardianship, which restricts the rights of the person to make decisions themselves, may not be necessary in many circumstances. There are many alternatives to guardianship, including supported decision-making, to help someone maintain their self-determination. Self-determination is the ability to have control and direction over one’s life. It is a human right and shouldn’t be restricted unnecessarily. Having access to decision-making supports can prevent unnecessary guardianship. Learn more about alternatives to guardianship.

Why is a plan needed?

In 2019, Indiana passed legislation recognizing and encouraging the use of less restrictive alternatives, including supported decision-making.  In order to put this law into practice, Indiana has developed a state plan aimed at increasing the awareness, access to, and use of supported-decision making and other alternatives to guardianship.

How can I get involved in the plan?

You can view a summary of the draft plan by clicking here. You can also view the full draft of the Indiana SDM State Plan by clicking here.

To make this plan a reality, we need people and organizations to join our cause. Please complete this form if you would like to join the coalition of stakeholders working to implement the Indiana SDM State Plan’s initiatives. There are opportunities for public policy engagement, presentations and speaking opportunities, and outreach campaigns. If you need an accommodation or translation to complete the form, please contact Kristin Dulaney (317-722-3476;

View the Indiana SDM State Plan in an Accessible Format

Accessible Formats of the Summary

Click here to view a summary of the Indiana SDM State Plan as a pdf.
Click here to view a summary of the Indiana SDM State Plan in HTML.

Accessible Formats of the Full Plan

Click here to view the Indiana SDM State Plan as a pdf.
Click here to view the Indiana SDM State Plan in HTML.