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Become an Informed Voter

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Voting is not only your right, but also your responsibility.  Choosing the next leaders of your city, state, and country’s government can be a difficult decision.  Taking the time to learn about each candidate and the office they’re running for is an important step in becoming an informed voter.

Below, you’ll find some of our suggestions about the best ways to find credible sources.  The bottom of the page features a video that explains different ways you can get information before casting your vote.


You can find out exactly who will be on your ballot at Click on “Review Candidates on My Ballot.”

Once you know your options, you can begin researching their viewpoints on the major issues.  Be careful to choose sources of information that are nonpartisan (they don’t represent any candidate or political party). Credible ones include:


Sometimes a ballot will include one or more public questions.  You can see this on the “Review Candidates on My Ballot” page of, too.