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Why should you vote? Watch to find out.

Why should you vote? Watch to find out.

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Know Your Rights at the Polls

Know Your Rights at the Polls

Learn more about what to expect at the polls.


Welcome to HoosiersVote.Org

This website is brought to you by Indiana Disability Rights. We are here to help ensure you are able to vote during every election season. As our Executive Director Dawn Adams says, "Voting is one of our top priorities. The right to vote is a fundamental constitutional right. It is a great equalizer. Every person has one vote." We encourage you to learn all you can about the voting process, so you can exercise your right to vote.

Explore the topics on the left to get ready to vote in the next election. If you have questions, or need more help, please contact us here.

#HoosiersVote Hotline

On Primary Election Day, Tuesday, May 8th, Indiana Disability Rights attorneys will answer questions and take complaints from persons with disabilities who have any issue casting their vote. The #HoosiersVote Hotline will be open during polling hours, 6:00AM - 6:00PM local time.


Attorneys will also be available for assistance during early voting.  Individuals may begin calling on Wednesday, May 2 and the #HoosiersVote Hotline will run from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm until Election Day.


Exercising your right to vote is an essential element of your civil rights. Every person who has registered to vote and has proper identification should be able to cast their vote privately and independently at their polling place or through absentee voting. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities may experience issues when they try to vote.


If you experience any of the following issues, call Indiana Disability Rights:

  • Lack of an accessible path from the parking spot/drop off point to the voting booth;
  • Stairs or non-paved surfaces such as gravel or grass as the only path to the polling location;
  • Lack of at least one doorway wide enough for a wheelchair to get through to access the polling location;
  • Lack of at least one set of automatic doors or someone available to open doors;
  • Lack of a functioning, accessible voting machine;
  • Lack of poll workers available who know how to operate the accessible voting machine. 


Know your rights. If you require assistance in order to cast your vote, a poll worker may assist you or you may bring someone with you to assist you. The person who assists you cannot be your employer or your union representative. You must request assistance before you enter the voting booth.


If you are have questions or are unable to cast your vote privately and independently during this election, we’re here to help! Call our hotline at 800.622.4845. Your vote counts!


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