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An Introduction to the Indiana Data Partnership and Network Mapping

IU Public Policy Institute

The Indiana Data Partnership (IDP) aims to establish an improved technology platform for multi-party external data sharing and matching and using cluster network analysis, social network analysis, and other advanced analytic methods to tackle key challenges facing the state including education/workforce and opioid epidemic.

The intent of network analysis is to understand a community by mapping the relationships that connect them as a network, and then to pinpoint key individuals/groups with the network and/or associations amongst the individuals.

The IDP is piloting work to identify how, by using existing data among the partners, network analysis can be introduced as a tool to help policy makers and the implementers of policy understand the ties that bind organizations. Two distinct issues for Indiana are being tackled by the IDP: the opioid crisis and the alignment of workforce and education. View the introductory Kumu presentation below to learn more.

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