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Partner Use Cases

Solving complex problems always benefits from collaboration. Indiana is pioneering a unique data collaboration among State agencies and entities, local government and nonprofits to share their data resources and expertise. This work can drive data-driven policy and ultimately improve the quality of life for Hoosiers.

St. Joseph County - Minding the gap

Funding agencies play a big role in how organizations collaborate and how services are delivered. These agencies have encouraged cross-sector partnerships to close gaps in service delivery. See how this works today in St. Joseph County.
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Building a Coalition to Address the Opioid Crisis in Cass County

Cass County is building a network to coordinate services in their community in response the nation’s opioid crisis. See how the county is responding to the call for improvement in the areas of prevention, treatment and recovery services.
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An Introduction to IDP and Network Mapping

The Indiana Data Partnership aims to establish an improved technology platform for multi-party external data sharing and matching using advanced analytics to tackle key challenges facing Indiana. Learn about the IDP in this introductory Kumu presentation.
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Identifying Potential Collaborators to Help Address the Opioid Epidemic

OPIOID EPIDEMIC | By extending the focus of organizations addressing the opioid crisis in Marion County, there is potential to use social network analysis to identify potential new partners and in-between organizations to serve as relationship brokers.
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Identifying Referral Networks

OPIOID EPIDEMIC | Caring for patients with complex diagnoses requires cooperation among several professionals. Substance use disorder treatment requires support from many organizations. Cluster modeling identifies these existing networks.
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IBRC Tour of the Education/Workforce Cluster Model

EDUCATION/WORKFORCE | This introductory tour provides an overview of how to incorporate network analysis into strategic problem solving. This is a great place to start learning before diving into use cases that address specific, real-world questions.
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Expanding a network

EDUCATION/WORKFORCE | Youth Employment Services, an Employ Indy program, needed to identify the best areas to evaluate for program expansion locations. Learn about how Employ Indy identified which locations provide the highest impact.
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Discovering communities of practice in the cluster model

EDUCATION/WORKFORCE | A main focus has been to depict connections between organizations collaborating around workforce development & education. By adding in additional community-based initiatives & organizations, additional pathways have become apparent.
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Characterizing organizational roles using network analysis

EDUCATION/WORKFORCE | When analyzing community networks based on cluster modeling, organizations may function in various ways such as brokers or bridges to other networks. IBRC examines the key questions to consider when embarking on this analysis.
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